Interview with Elias Hountondji Interview with Elias Hountondji

Team Red Bull Driftbrothers

Round 1 2018 – Płock, Poland


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Interview with Elias Hountondji

Needless to say I have always been fascinated with cars. Their technical aspects, like the good old internal combustion engine, as well as the physical aspects of a car’s driving dynamics have always fascinated me. Especially since my brother and I went on a track day for the first time back in 2009. We went there to try our hand at some quick laps. Until we met some drifters. Beginners, just like we were back then. With beat up old cars. Just like ours back then. I was immediately hooked. Drifting! Adhesion, gliding friction, sideways forces, axle-geometry, downforce versus slip versus traction versus speed versus angle – so many aspects, that my engineer's brain got triggered on. We did our first track day with my brother's beaten up old E30. He actually used that old thing to drive to work and back, so after each trackday it was up to me to get it run smoothly again. Since we both were fascinated with this sport, we pushed that old BMW through a bunch of amateur tournaments, and won them all. It didn’t take long until we met folks with the same passion for this sport that we had and we joined forces to a team. This was the start of a very, very challenging path – from a rusted old E30 and amateur track days to where we are now. A team of 8 guys (including my father and my sister), bonded together like family, travelling together and setting our marks on Europe's racetracks. What started as a hobby has become a calling.

This season we focus on the KoE series, which Joe and me currently lead on P1 and P2. Nevertheless, we also compete in runs of other series as well. Like the Nürburgring run of DMGP. We had a great time there and were glad to meet so many people that share our passion and understanding for the sport, both on- and off-track. So, hopefully, we will meet again for another round of DMGP and burn some amazing battles into the tarmac! 




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